Johnny Winter - Drinkin' Blues
Big George Jackson - Fat's Jump
Amphibious Zoo Bayou Band - Swamper Girl
Tangerine - A.J.F.
Nighthawks - For You My Love
Geronimo Black - L.A. County Jail '59 C-S
Blues Image - Take Me To The Sunrise
Sugar Creek - Where Do You Find The Answer
Guitar Johnny & The Rhythm Rockers - Memory Pain
Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang - This Little Voice
Linn County - Elevator Woman
Zeb & The Blues Machine - Easy Ride
Eddie Burns - Biscuit Bakin' Mama (Live)
Silas Hogan - Roamin' Woman Blues
Otis Spann - Newport Blues (Live)
Totta's Bluesband - Stop Using Me (Live)
Bobby Long - Don't Leave Me
Gary Lucas & Najma Akhtar - Special Rider Blues
Rory Gallagher - Sleep On A Clothes-Line
Little Junior Parker - Bad Women, Bad Whiskey
Strider - Get Ready
Ike And Tina Turner - Give It To Me
220 Volt - Pavement Song
Memphis Slim - Really Got The Blues
Bruce Springsteen - Reason To Believe
Cold Blood - I Just Want To Make Love To You
Joyous Noise - Joyous Noise (Part I)
Deep Purple - What's Going On Here
Sugar Bear - The Garden
Shortstuff - Honeybabe
Michael Jerome Browne - The Road Is Dark
Triangle - Lucille
Mon Dyh - Murderer
Morzelpronk - Morzelblouse
Jeff Simmons - Raye
David Spaleniak - Night
Led Zeppelin - Travelling Riverside Blues
Poezd Ushel - 120 Rublei
Sleepy John Estes - Down South Blues
Steve Hill & The Majestiks - The One
Melton, Levy & The Dey Bros - Taxpayer's Lament
Uriah Heep - Your Turn To Remember
Dan Penn - Nobody's Fool
Sidney Maiden - Sidney's Worried Life Blues
Tommy Youngblood - Hey Little Girl
Rolling Stones - I Got The Blues
Elmore James - Dust My Broom
Fenton Robinson - I Hear Some Blues Downstairs
Art Blakey - Blues March For European No. 1 (Live)
Whiskey Howl - Pullin' The Midnight
Gloria Thompson Rodgers - Voodoo Woman
Little Walter - Blues With A Feeling
Siren - The War Is Over
Marc Benno - Jimmy Reed's Mama
Danzig - I'm The One
Larry Williams - Skate Key
Jimmy Johnson Band - Ashes In My Ashtray
Willie Kent - Come Home
Sweet Pain - Troubles' Trouble
Bluesbones - Seesaw Blues
Go Graal Blues Band - Stray Dog
Ginger Blues - God Bless The Child
Lonesome Sundown - I Stood By
Tramline - Sorry Sorry
Barcodes - Barcodes Theme
Edgar Broughton Band - Getting Hard Into What Is A Woman For
Chicago Allstars - Strange Strange Lover
Emmylou Harris & Mercyland - I Didnít Know It Was You
Chuck Berry - Deep Feeling
Albert Lee - Now And Then It's Gonna Rain
Reverend Shawn Amos - The Outlaw (Live)
Shadows Of Knight - Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day
Bob Mintzer & Nicolas Folmer Quartet - Fun Blues (Live)
Anansy Cissť - Aye Woma
Juicy Lucy - Willie The Pimp
Hound Dog Taylor And The Houserockers - Rock Me
Alabama Watson - Short Haired Woman
Devin Leigh - Searching For The Truth
Electric Flag - With Time There Is Change
Bo Diddley - Hey Jerome
Steve Vai - Lovers Are Crazy
Rhythm Willie - Breathtaking Blues
Stray Dog - Crazy
Mildred Jones - I'm A Business Woman
Grant Lee Buffalo - Stars N' Stripes
ZZ Top - Just Got Back From Baby's
Queen Bee & The Blue Hornet Band - Skeller Stomp
Mint Tattoo - Vampire Symphony & Sister Bleu (First Movement)
Manu Lanvin - The Devil Does It Right Feat. Beverly Jo Scott
Carmen Maki Blues Creation - Mean Old Boogie
Gary Moore - The Stumble
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Testify
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You
Elf - Carolina County Ball
Pulse - Thanks For Thinking Of Me
Octopus - Sleepy Blues
Krissy Matthews - Lovely On The Road
Energy - Eyes Of Blue
Steve Earle - Fearless Heart
Damnation - Sometimes I Feel Like I Just Can't Go On
Zola Moon - Comin' Back To Me
Bodine - New York City Streets
Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman
Stretch - Fixin' To Die
Julian Sas - My Life Is Gonna Be All Mine
Terry Robb - When I Play My Blues Guitar
Cornbread - Harley Street
George Conner - Treat Me Like I Treat You
Energy - Red Skies
Jaklin - Song To Katherine
George Higgs - One Kind Favor
Kevin Coyne - Cheat Me
Ari Borger - Blues Feeling
Blodwyn Pig - It's Only Love
Boston Blackie & Otis 'big Smokey' Smothers - Give Me Back That Way
Otis Redding - Rock Me Baby
Trampled Under Foot - Evil Train
Andy Fernbach - Have Your Bags Soon Ready
Fenton Robinson - Blue Monday Blues
Allison Burnside Express - Do You Know What I Think
Steve Gibbons - Leader Of The Band
Newman Family - Two Ton Mama
Ginger Blues - Voodoo Woman
Jellybread - Never Say No
Solomon Burke & Soul Of The Blues - No Nights By Myself
Chubby Newsome - Hip Shakin' Mama
Andy Fraser - Gotta Steal Away
John Hammond And The Nighthawks - Sugar Mama
Memphis Gold - Ice Cream Man
Krokodil - Two To Twelf
Raven - Back To Ohio Blues
Brunning Sunflower Band - The Visitor
Son Seals - No, No Baby
Chili Cold Blood - Bottles On The Table
Katapult - Vlaky V Hlave (Live)
N'awlins Johnnys - Valentine (Live)
Jan Akkerman - Anonymous (Live)
Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit - Dying Fire
Ida Bang & The Blue Tears - Apollo Stomp
Camilla Blue - Little Girl Blue
T.J. Parker - Seeds Of Soul
Them - Mystic Eyes
Eric Lindell - Sweet Beautiful Thing
Bloodrock - Castle Of Thoughts
Andrew Brown - You Made Me Suffer
Owen-B - Weekend
Mitch Ryder - Freezin' In Hell
Big Leon Brooks - The Blues Today
Mick Abrahams Band - When I Get Back
Aum - A Little Help From You
Duane Eddy - I Almost Lost My Mind
Geoff Achison - Begging Bowl
Neville Brothers - The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Queralt Albinyana - You Got To Do The Boogie Woogie
Jeff Zima - Walkin' My Blues Away