Ehlder - Gammelmod
Death - Pull The Plug
Coma Cluster Void - Drowning Into Sorrow
Impaled Nazarene - The Horny And The Horned
Brute Chant - Zengra
Mourning Beloveth - All Hope Is Pleading
Old Man Gloom - Afraid Of
Cosmic Church - Taydellisen Valon Aarella
Tardigrada - Hoffnungslos
Sax Pijak - Opilecka
Yggdrasil - Nordmark
Dysentery - With Pins And Chisels
Master - What Kind Of God
Defleshed - Sons Of Spellcraft & Starfalls
Witch Craft - Slaughter (Where I Was Born)
Sentinel Beast - Sentinel Beast
Ataraxie - L'ataraxie
Psychotropic Transcendental - Iin Varandhaar Iin Badenath Mahad Karviin
Necrosis - Psalm Of Sorrow
Soothsayer - Death Radiation (To Be A Real Terrorist)
Violator - United For Thrash (Live)
Mactep - Mastep (Live)
Goat Torment - King Of Locusts
Elephant Watchtower - The Church Is At Fault
Ascension - Grey Light Sibling
Mirrors Of Obsidian - Violent Reprisal
Order Of Orias - Bleak One
Gaahls Wyrd - Gaahls Wyrd & Til Minne (Live)
His Hero Is Gone - Professional Mindfuckers
Human - The Red Ocean
Antichrist Imperium - Kill For Satan
Intense Degree - I've Got A Cure
Rapheumets Well - Resurrecting The Blood Gate
Nebulos Aetrerum - Ave Del Paraiso Siniestro
Enthroned - Injection
Red Chord - That Certain Special Ugly
Morbid Angel - Abominations
Xharathorn - In Diabolical Posse I'm Carried By The Stellar Storms
Exhorder - Desecrator
Odal - In Wolken Zerwuhit
Inter Arma - Transfiguration
Ancient Curse - Gorbatschov
Cemetery Of Scream - Melancholy
Borknagar - Svartskogs Gilde
In Vein - Infinite Night
Hellwitch - Final Approach
Execution - Bloodthirstiness
Grungeon - Rise Above
Cult Of Erinyes - The Vlasov Notes
Michel Anoia - Le Silence Deraisonnable Du Monde
Grylle - Grylle Le Pacte Des Villes
Azarath - Annihilation (Smite All The Illusions)
Malokarpatan - Kyho Besa
Slidhr - Through The Mouth Of The Beast
Necrophagist - Stabwound
Once Them Edens - ... And Yet, He Gazes
Ordo Obscurantis - Steatose Hepatique
Between The Buried And Me - Destructo Spin
Heir - L'ame Des Foules
Agalloch - She Painted Fire Across The Skyline 1
Meads Of Asphodel - Bug Splat
Seputus - Soft Palates Rasp
Lostregos - Ouvidos Do Monte
Genius Ultor - Pijany Krwia
Mercenary - A Labyrinth Of Emerald
Sithlord - Necronomicon Ex-Mortis
Elysian Blaze - Sigils That Beckon Death
Worship - Terranean Wake III
Funereum - Cynical Reality
Dead Cross - The Future Has Been Cancelled
Bestial Mockery - Suicide Blasphemy
Soulreaper - Subterreanean Might
Mist Of Misery - Epitaph Of Penitence
Mekong Delta - Without Honour
Coroner - Suicide Command
Xinoma - A Fire Mammoth Has Going Through The Forest, And Making The Woods Burning To Ash
Altar - Throne Of Fire
General Surgery - Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
Rotten Light - I Am The Black Fog
Nucleus - Dominion
In Torment - The Flesh And The Spirit
Stormhaven - Mirror Of Revelation
Carvakas - Biological Paradox
Unholy - Autumn
Triptykon - Boleskine House
D.I.V. - Guardian Angel
Fuck Shit Up - Digitalized Mind's Blast
Amken - Obedient Dogs
Disembowelment - Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory
Mortification - Butchered Mutilation
Nocturnal Obsession - In The Ashes Of The Cross
Nocturnus - Andromeda Strain
Erebos - Land Of Shadow
Among The Torrent - Embellished
Phrenelith - Deluge Of Ashes
Nexilva - Nadir
Sarcofago - Rotting
Mortuary - Rites Of Death
Broken Hope - High On Formaldehyde
Ulvedharr - Total War
Bloodbath - Mass Strangulation
Outre - Chant 4 - Lament
Night Heir - Inamorata
Deformed Elephant Surgery - 11wbkzp
Blastanus - In Distress
Dominus - View To The Dim
Yards - Future Tyrants
Jordablod - Liberator Of Eden
Obnoxious - Autumn
Equinox - Infernal Atavism (Descend To Tetragrammaton)
Glacial Fear - Monolith
Etrange - Titan
Season Of Suffering - Entombed In Flesh
Sathanas - Engraved In The Book Of Death
Backbone - Bloodshot Eyes
Speedwhore - Genetic Invasion
Napalm Death - Mass Appeal Madness
Cruachan - Tain Bo Cuailgne
Malon - El Infierno De Ayer
Hannes Grossmann - Reeks Insidious
ISKC Extreme Metal - Unusual Metal
Deviser - The Fire Burning Bright
Kreator - Pleasure To Kill
Spawn Of Possession - Where Angels Go Demons Follow
Power Trip - Heretics Fork
Bury Me Breathing - Dance Like Gummo
Gorefest - False
Endmember - Deathwish
ISKC Extreme Metal - Unusual Metal
Nightmare Visions - Self Immolation
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra - The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypses
Poison - Alive (Undead)
Dakhma - Coins
Ayahuaira - El Dominio De La Verdadera Fuerza Suprema
Death Like Mass - Matka Na Sabacie
Dream Death - Black Edifice
Deathcore - Manati