Life Of Agony - Respect
Fifth Angel - Only The Strong Survive
Morgana Lefay - Master Of The Masquerade
Mekong Delta - Finale
Intruder - The Enemy Within
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil
Tiamat - Gaia
Airborn - New Hope
D.A.M. - Thought For The Day
Metallica - Orion (Instrumental)
Judas Priest - Love You To Death
Acid Drinkers - Life Hurts More Than Death
Destiny's End - The Fortress Unvanquishable
Todd La Torre - Crossroads To Insanity
Recipients Of Death - Raping Death
Motorhead - Limb From Limb
Raven Black Night - Princess Morticia
Helmet - Distracted
Cloven Altar - Blood Of The Elves
Patrick Rondat - Ultimate Dreams (Live)
Bruce Dickinson - Believil
National Napalm Syndicate - Monster
Eldritch - Erase
Pantera - Over And Out
Tenebre - Scarecrow
Pathfinder - Fifth Element
Cynic - Veil Of Maya
Satan - Hunt You Down
Ritual Effect - Solvent
King Diamond - Victimized
Misfits - Hellhound (Fox Studio 1983)
Whitesnake - Wings Of The Storm
Hallas - The Astral Seer
King's X - I Don't Know
Blind Guardian - The Quest For Tanelorn (live Tokyo 1992)
Armory (Sweden) - Heavy Metal Impact
Dark Arena - Damnation Within
Leatherwolf - Take A Chance
Led Zeppelin - The Ocean
Amorphis - Summer's End
Silver Talon - Warriors' End
Rage - Chaste Flesh
Kreator - Material World Paranoia
Girlschool - (I'm Your) Victim
Black Sites - The Night They Came For You
Black Sabbath - Neon Knights (Live 1982)
Target - The Coming Of Chaos
B.E.N.T. - Retrofit
King Witch - Order From Chaos
Gallileous - Ja Monster
Michael Schenker Group - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Aspid - Day Mne (Pyesa Dlya Baleta)
Badlands - Hard Driver
Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower (Live At Isle Of Wight Festival, 1970)
Amoth - Wounded Faith
G.B.H. - Midnight Madness & Beyond
Bride - Here Comes The Bride
Icon - It's Up To You
Testament - Do Or Die
Heretic Order - Children Of The Sun
Ministry - Scarecrow
Night Eternal - Cloaked In Darkness
Manigance - Loin D'ici
Hexenhaus - Sea Of Blood
Mentors - Peepin' Tom
Mastercastle - Scarlett
Chavez - You Must Be Stopped
Rainbow - Gates Of Babylon
Metal Church - Of Unsound Mind
Helicon - American Fever
Ozzy Osbourne - Never
Accept - London Leatherboys
Sepultura - Hungry (Remastered)
Melvins - National Hamster
Angel Dust - Flight To Russia
Hellspike - Lords Of War
Grand Funk Railroad - Goin' For The Pastor
Wicked Maraya - Watching Over
Therapy - Potato Junkie
Fates Warning - Traveler In Time
Paradise Lost - Jaded
Hollywood Monsters - Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Freedom Call - Another Day
Dieselhed - Produce Section
Helstar - Possession
Hydra - If You Care To Survive
Harlem Pop Trotters - Dragsters
Mortal Sin - Women In Leather
Dead Register - Fiber
Crystal Eyes - The Lord Of Chaos
Budgie - Don't Dilute The Water
Moon Tooth - White Stag
Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'
Skid Row - Fire In The Hole (Demo 1991)
Thin Lizzy - King's Vengeance
Swingle And Thompson Ordained - Burning Bright
Zions Abyss - Scarred For Life
Gordian Knot - Reflections
David Coverdale - Keep On Giving Me Love
Blitzkrieg - Hell To Pay
Marillion - Heart Of Lothian
Queen - Let Me Entertain You (Live 1979)
Spectre Beneath - The Exhumation
Crystal Throne - Shades Of Existence
Osiris - Out Of Inspiration
Lucifer - Orion
Fu Manchu - Wurkin'
Savatage - I Believe
Abattoir - Screams From The Grave
Demon Eyes - L'ermite
The Jesus Lizard - The Art Of Self Defense
Tankard - Chemical Invasion
Forbidden - Off The Edge
Sanctuary - Eden Lies Obscured
Cirith Ungol - I'm Alive
Steve Morse Band - Here And Now And Then
Demon - Life In The Wire
Elias Hulk - Nightmare
Saviour Machine - Christians And Lunatics
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Black Sheep Of The Family
Skyclad - Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence)
Mercury Rising - Think
Coroner - Masked Jackal
Hammers Of Misfortune - An Oath Sworn In Hell
Overkill - Overkill
Meshuggah - Greed
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Foxey Lady (Live At Atlanta Pop Festival, 1970)
Leslie West - Blind Man
White Mantis - Down This Way
Voivod - Moonbeam Rider
Warlock - Touch Of Evil
Sacrament - The Risen
Down - Pillamyd
Tad Morose - Cyberdome
Annihilator - City Of Ice
Rough - Restless Kind
Living Colour - Go Away
Jane's Addiction - Three Days (Live, 1990)
Savage Grace - After The Fall From Grace
Hellwitch - Mysteria
Jacobs Dream - The Gathering
Barren Cross - Out Of Time
Alice In Chains - God Am
Gengis Khan - No Surrender
Yama And The Karma Dusters - Evolution
Dinosaur Jr. - We're Not Alone
Pale Divine - Curse The Shadows
Husker Du - From The Gut
Agent Steel - Forever Black
Def Leppard - Glad I'm Alive
Heart - These Dreams
Platitude - Nobody's Hero
Rods - Angels Never Run
Dark Quarterer - The Etruscan Prophecy
Gary Moore - Empty Rooms
Dead Kennedys - Dear Abby
Bumblefoot - Dirty Pant'loons
Twisted Tower Dire - The Beast I Fear
Assailant - Lies
Running Wild - Preacher
Dark Sea Dream - Shock Doctrine
Liquid Tension Experiment - Kindred Spirits
Altura - Calling
Exploited - Out Of Control (Live 1981)
W.A.S.P. - I Am One
Devin Townsend - Fake Punk
Schwarzer Schnee - Schwarzer Schnee
Brocas Helm - Beneath A Haunted Moon
High Spirits - Restless
Black Flag - Paralyzed