Steve Morse Band - Arena Rock
Thunderstick - Don't Touch I'll Scream
Smoulder - Voyage Of The Sunchaser
Sextrow - Looking For Trouble
Starchild - Starchild
Rival Schools - Contraire
Forbidden - Follow Me
Blank Canvas - The Deepest Fault
Hammer - Monsters
Battleroar - Dyvim Tvar
Lee Aaron - Metal Queen
Atrox - Sultry Air
Rose Tattoo - Tramp
Circles - Bliss
Bonded - Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night
Blotted Science - Brain Fingerprinting
M-Squad - Hide Your Revolution
Mantas - Let It Rock
Accept - Shake Your Heads
Agent Steel - Dead Eyes
Night Flight Orchestra - Midnight Flyer
Leatherwolf - Season Of The Witch
Echosoul - Hangman (A Roman and the Cross)
King Diamond - Abigail
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - IO
Blue Oyster Cult - Vengeance (The Pact)
Altair - Flame Of Knowledge
Nasty Savage - Family Circus
Soul Enema - Spymania
Mentalist - Battle Dressed
Misfits - Return Of The Fly
Last Tribe - Wash Your Sins Away
Scorcher - Nightwatch
Samael - My Saviour
Le Roux - Lifeline
Hari Kari - Prey For Peace
Fates Warning - Face The Fear
Rival Schools - Favorite Star
Running Wild - Adrian S.O.S.
Tiamat - In A Dream
Twisted Tower Dire - At Night
Testament - The Haunting
Scream Taker (Vinny Appice, Jim Crean & Steph Honde) - Shine On
Tarot - Traitor
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Unsane - White Hand
Wolf - Visions For The Blind
Amorphis - The Way
Sodom - Nuclear Winter
Saint Vitus - Angry Man
Samhain - Mother Of Mercy
Wreck-Defy - Space Urchin
Anoxia - Take Down The Mountains
Mentalist - Belief (Feat. Daniel Heiman)
Shadow Theory - By The Crossroads
Elder - Compendium
Alice In Chains - Sludge Factory
Nomeansno - Lost
Lady Pank - Dopoki Da Czas
Neroargento - I Won't Disintegrate
Wolfsbane - Beautiful Lies
Leatherwolf - Off The Track
W.A.S.P. - Wishing Well
Coroner - Read My Scars
Whitesnake - Ain`t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live)
Notorious - Run For Your Life
Arthur Brown - Gas Tanks
Strom - Gul & Bla
Gwar - Tormentor
Dreamside - There Is Magic To Be Done
Stormwitch - Hell's Still Alive
Good Kind Of Mushroom - Magic Carpet Creature
In Aevum Agere - Sorrowful Goodbye
Omen - Make Me Your King
Waltari - Piggy In The Middle
Uriah Heep - The Wizard
Minutemen - Nothing Indeed
Lore - This We Know
High Priest - Priest
Manigance - Deserteur
Budgie - Dish It Up
Joe Satriani - Echo
Faith No More - Cuckoo For Caca (2016 Remastered Version)
The Dead Daisies - Roll On
Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms Of Death
Mentalist - Soldier Without A War
Maudits - Verloren Strijd
Sepultura - R.I.P. (Rest In Pain) (Remastered)
Melvins - Civilized Worm (Live)
Gamma Ray - The Winged Horse
Tony Macalpine - Mr. Destructive
Therapy - Disgracelands
Alpha Mountain - It's Up To You
Ignition - Warrior Of The Night
Cydemind - Breach
Devin Townsend - Truth
Goliath - Dios Del Rock
Montrose - Rock Candy
Def Leppard - Me & My Wine (Remix)
Gone Cosmic - Faded Release
Corrosion Of Conformity - Buried
Judicator - Metamorphosis
Steve Vai - The Attitude Song
Wildhunt - Crystal Deth (U.M.D.A.)
Arsena - Tyrannicide
Killing Joke - Extremities
Paradise Lost - Dying Freedom
Saga - Tired World
Deep Purple - Hey Cisco
Gorilla Biscuits - Stand Still
Anvil - Future Wars
Queensryche - Spreading The Disease
Scorpions - Hell Cat
Heart - Shell Shock
UFO - Loving Cup (Live)
Damn The Machine (With Chris Poland) - Welcome The Red
Skid Row - Get The Fuck Out
Leatherwolf - The Henchman
Ricinn - Orpheus