Freeways - Dead Air
Judas Priest - Love You To Death
Evil Wings - Treasure Island
Hark - Nine Fates
Helloween - How Many Tears (Live)
Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower
Thunderhead - Busted In Georgia
Giant - I Can't Get Close Enough
Dead City Ruins - We Are One
Whitesnake - Sailing Ships
Lucifer - Total Eclipse
Living Death - Horrible Infanticide (Part One)
Funkadelic - Super Stupid
Nasty Savage - Sin Eater
Fates Warning - Point Of View
Def Leppard - The Overture (The Def Leppard Ep, 1979)
Mekong Delta - Without Honour
Alice Cooper - Dead Babies
Steeler - Hot On Your Heels
Psychotic Waltz - Strange
Cloven Hoof - Highlander
Jack Endino - Create What You Fear
Lifeform - Take Me Away
Corrosion Of Conformity - Damned For All Time
Saga - Compromise
DIO - Dream Evil
Saint Vitus - War Is Our Destiny (Live 1989)
Firehose - Relatin' Dudes To Jazz
Montrose - Rock Candy
Mercury Rising - Minute Man
Alice In Chains - Dam That River
Samael - Rain
Michael Schenker Group - Breakout (Demo)
Holy Grove - Death Of Magic
Girlschool - Kick It Down
Angel Witch - Sorcerers
Sacred Reich - Rest In Peace
Elias Hulk - Nightmare
Pat Travers - It Ain't What It Seems
Suicidal Tendencies - If I Don't Wake Up
Mountain - Mississippi Queen
Voivod - Reactor
Youth Of Today - Potential Friends
Bad Brains - Destroy Babylon
Dinosaur Jr. - The Post
Heaven & Hell - Follow The Tears
Gillan - Living A Lie
Metal Church - Burial At Sea
Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of Birth
Gordian Knot - Rivers Dancing
Annihilator - Don't Bother Me
Blue Oyster Cult - Monsters
Ministry - Lockbox
Jeff Beck - The Pump
Trust - Monsieur Comédie
Power Quest - Into The Light
Blotted Science - Activation Synthesis Theory
Platitude - Empty Inside
Quartz - Charlie Snow
King Diamond - Omens
The Wicked Ones - From Lust Till Dawn
Winger - Without The Night
Priests - Puff
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Jeff's Boogie
Heart - I Love You
Black Sabbath - Under The Sun
Racer X - Gone Too Far
Apocalypse - Dark Sword
Therapy & Fatal - Come And Die
Killers (Paul Di'anno Band) - S&m
Ruggedy Annes - Hollow Heroes
Agent Steel - Tiamats Fall
Killing Joke - Primobile
Minutemen - Tension
Battleroar - The Wanderer (Feat. Manilla Road's Mark Shelton)
Madison - Diamond Mistress
Saxon - Motorcycle Man
Grand Funk Railroad - No Lies
Faith No More - Spirit
Uriah Heep - Shout It Out (B-Side To 'prima Donna' Single)
Paradise Lost - Hands Of Reason
Anvil - Where Does All The Money Go
Motorhead - Talking Head
Matraz - Trazma
Heads Or Tales - Shades Of Grey
Odroerir - Salzschlacht
Spastic Ink - The Mad Data Race
Patrick Rondat - Amphibia Part 4
Devin Townsend - Man (1996 Demo)
Life Of Agony - My Eyes
Ratos De Porao - F.m.i.
Cop Shoot Cop - Traitor-Martyr
Wipers - No Fair
Derek Sherinian - Evel Knievel
Birtha - Too Much Woman (For A Hen Pecked Man)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Tomorrow's Gone
Nemesea - Empress
Forbidden - Twisted Into Form
Aunt Mary - G Flat Road
Yesterday And Today - Pleasure In My Heart
V8 - Momento De Luchar
Europe - In The Future To Come
Air Raid - Hell And Back
Bad Religion - Queen Of The 21st Century (Japan Bonus Track)
Steve Morse Band - Arena Rock
Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times
Jesus Lizard - Monkey Trick (Live)
Bt Top - Bt Top
Cirith Ungol - I'm Alive
Black Flag - Annihilate This Week
Skyclad - Turncoat Rebellion
Roadhouse - Desperation Calling
Testament - Souls Of Black
Iron Maiden - Aces High
Celtic Frost - The Inevitable Factor
Lard - Mangoat
Fugazi - Polish
Biohazard - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Purgatory - Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Sepultura - To The Wall (Remastered)
Deep Purple - The Gypsy
Coroner - Die By My Hand
Who - Shakin' All Over (Live At Leeds 1970)
Acid Drinkers - More Life
Exumer - Possessed By Fire
Mordred - Progress
Lady Pank - Nastroj Po Upadku Jacka I Placka
UFO - Lettin' Go
Fishbone - Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch
Queen - The Millionaire Waltz
Crysys - My Desire
Fear Factory - Self Bias Resistor
Eden's Curse - Unbreakable
Iced Earth - Creator Failure
Tony Macalpine - Fire Mountain
Joe Satriani - Memories
Gamma Ray - Send Me A Sign
Skid Row - Wasted Time
Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son
Budgie - Young Is The World
Mooche - Hot Smoke And Sassafras
Lethal - What They've Done
Raven - To The Limit - To The Top
Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic
Thin Lizzy - Buffalo Gal
Metallica - No Remorse
Chavez - Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
Virgin Steele - I Wake Up Screaming
Rage - Can't Get Out
Warlock - Hateful Guy
Crimson Glory - Red Sharks
Strapping Young Lad - In The Rainy Season