Gormusik - The Milky Way
Christian Fiesel - Last Exit To Heaven
Bloto - Gleby Brunatne
Sensitive Orchestra - Electrophobia
She Trinity - Climb That Tree
Ava Cherry And The Astronettes - I Am A Laser
Aynur Dogan - Berfek Bari & Lure Lure
Air - Land Me
Night Wars - Hands, Tied
Slowly Rolling Camera - The Fix
Hallas - Labyrinth Of Distant Echoes
Clothilde - Saperlipopette
Enrico Rava - By The Sea
Akira Sakata - Daphnia
Second Layer - Germany
Red Marker - Shadow Sweeper
PRP - No
The Grid & Robert Fripp - Loom
Nubiyan Twist & Mulatu Astatke - Addis To London
David Linx - Round Midnight (Feat. Tigran Hamasyan)
Vivien Goldman - Private Armies
Davantage - Over The Pass
Izumi Kobayashi - The 4th Dimension Butterfly
Karin Hoghielm - Sordo
Earth, Wind & Fire - Africano/power
Islaja - Sydanten Ahmija
Henry Gaffney - On Again Off Again
Nynningen - Efterdyning
Distant Creatures - Escape
Niklas Paschburg - Oceanic
Tony Hymas - The Mind Of A Child
Maria Joao & Mario Laginha - Nazuk
Paolo Fresu, A Filetta Corsican Voices & Daniele Di Bonaventura - U Sipolcru
Semsis - Holding On
Doll By Doll - Stripshow
Lyle Mays - Alaskan Suite - Invocation
Nicolette - Beautiful Day
Teradelie - Water Edge (Feat. Francis Dunnery)
Anneli Drecker - Rain
Mcchurch Soundroom - Time Is Flying
Fortress Under Siege - Alexander
Xadu - Place With A View
Riki - Know
Zombie Zombie - Before Night Falls
Lovelies - Men So Brave
Thom Yorke - Volk
Nathan Mahl - Traffic Jam
Kocani Orkestar; Naat Veliov - Ciganka
Steve Porcaro - Ready Or Not
Hareton Salvanini - Primitivo
Colours That Rise - Home Time
Monte Dunn And Karen Cruz - Self Satisfaction
Foday Musa Suso; Jack Dejohnette - Ancient Techno
Corde Oblique - La Gente Che Resta
Buckethead - Whitewash
A Thousand Hours - Moments
Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio - Lucian
Steve Morse - Something Gently Weeps (George Harrison)
Bengt Ollen - Trilo
Chvrches - Warning Call (Theme From Mirror's Edge Catalyst)
Molca - Super Ethnic Flavor
Ray Russell - Ready Or Not
Sixto Rodriguez - Cause
Sava - En Sourdine
Leo Kottke - Range
C.W. Vrtacek & Dancing Lessons - Lucky Strike
Myrkur - Onde BÝrn
Jordan Rudess - Outcast
Damien Jurado - Medication
Gary Burton Quartet & Members Of NDR Symphony Orchestra - Three
Richard Dawson - Soldier
Frumpy - How The Gypsy Was Born
Edward Ka-Spel - Avengelist
Frank Marino - Full Circle
Candle Wishes - Unbroken Code
Papadosio - Out Of Hiding
Sans Nom - Unhappy Thoughts
Regis Gizavo - Zeombanao
Maddy Prior - Cold Flame
Auxx - Prfkt Ly
Alain Goraguer - Meditation Des Enfants (From Ost To 'la Planete Sauvage')
Sand Snowman - Samhain Rain - Arise
Arp - Reading A Wave
Czeslaw Niemen - Moje Zapatrzenie
Disasterpeace - April Tidings
Max Q - Sometimes
Moses Sumney - Two Dogs
Peaking Lights - Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)
Eddie Hazel - So Goes The Story
White Moth Black Butterfly - Symmetry
Marakesh - Will You Do It
Al Di Meola - Suite - Golden Dawn
Mark Isham - Blue Moon
We The People - Function Underground
Mort Garson - Ode To An African Violet
Aynur Dogan - Ezim Ezim Eziliyor
Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band - Starlette
Pete Shelley - Witness The Change
Riki - Come Inside
Kelompok Kampungian - Catatan Perjalanan
Mandrill - Peace And Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement Iv (Encounter)
Elf Power - Birds In The Backyard
Los Junior Mafia - Pasillos
Edh - Cars
Wolfgang Press - Complete And Utter
Dick Gaughan - Craigie Hill
Sofia Rei - Negro Sobre Blanco
Pop Workshop - High Priest
Emeli Sande - Right Now
Groundislava - Terminate Uplink
Steve Morse - Ghost Of The Bayou
Tertium Non Data - The Boiling Man
Alter Ego - Soulfree
Child Actor - 3 Worlds
Coven - Black Sabbath
Soul Family Sensation - The Day You Went Away
Stylistics - Children Of The Night
Dominic Frontiere & His Orchestra - Temple Of Suicide
Jonathan Cain - Piano With A View
Nagual - Kit
Exedra - Agony
Tim Thorney - Here For A While
Magnetic Fields - Crowd Of Drifters
Lucid Sins - The Devil's Sign
Sainkho - Valley Of Shadows
Those - Orion 2000
Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Blue World
Jeff Beck - The Pump
Andrew Stern - Roof Tops
Rainer Bruninghaus - Spielraum
Konstrukt & Ken Vandemark - Semazen
Kevin Gilbert - Goodness Gracious
Birthday Massacre - One
Spyro Gyra - Swamp Thing
Shannon Wright - Dyed In The Wool
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Piano Concerto No. 1
Marriages - Skin
Shpongle - Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness
Fuse One - Grand Prix
Fabulous Originals - It Ain't Fair, But It's Fun
Michael Small - End Credits (Marathon Man Ost)
Flesh Fetish - Dance Of The Tongue
Accent - Winds Of Change
Daryl Stuermer - Venturing Out
Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta - Stella Luna
Dirty Loops - Sayonara Love
S Vremena Na Vreme - Biblijska Tema
Kimmo Pohjonen - Atomi
Volunteered Slaves - Fuyons, J'adore
Brian Eno - Over Fire Island
Teradelie - Feux De Rampe
Fire & Ice - Gilded By The Sun
Gray - Song Of The Native Land
Dahlia Sleeps - Interlude (Loving You Still)
Ronny Heimdal - The Seventh Element
Muzsikas - Altato
Pulsation - George Feeling
Rebby Sharp - Just In Time
Dixie Dregs - Up In The Air
Cosmology - Willow Land
Buckeye Politicians - Lonely Stranger
Big Mean Sound Machine - Runnin For The Ghost
Nguyen Le, Andre Ceccarelli & Francois Moutin - Pile Plate
Hope Inc. - Lucille, Lucille
Ray Barretto - The Old Castle
Laraaji - The Dance
Noir - The System
Michael Sadler - One Heart
Hollywood Monsters - In This House
Waltel Branco - Meu Balanco
Cerberus Shoal - The Land We All Believe In
Kevin Braheny - Down To Earth
Toma? Pengov - V Nasmehu Nekega Dneva
Dieselhed - Asphalt Bib
Os Mundi - Isn't It Beautiful
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi
Ronnie Laws - Nothing To Lose
Cozy Powell - The Loner
Rekhabelsah - A Walk
Jose Afonso - Cantar Alentejano
Philippe Grancher - 3000 Miles Away
Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Wrong Try Again
Monsoon & Sheila Chandra - Ever So Lonely
Ars Caelum - Velociraptor