Paul Dresher - Double Ikat Part 2
Santana - Aspirations
Shpongle - Shpongle Falls
Shampoo - Hot Dog
Tosca Tango Orchestra - Pelo Negro
Rick Wakeman - While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night
John Cale - Save Us
Scott Henderson - Metermaid
Ryo Okumoto - Mystery White
Pat Metheny - America Undefined
Funk Inc. - Bowlegs
Chicago - West Virginia Fantasies
Kalima - Land Of Dreams
Statua - Ghost Town
Minox - Hybrid (Of A Tight Laugh)
Czeslaw Niemen - Cztery Sciany Swiata
Pekka Pohjola - Matemaatikon Lentonaytos (Feat. Mike Oldfield)
Plecid - Lom
Sound - Winning
Patrick O'hearn - Glory For Tomorrow
Throwing Muses - Flood
Miles Davis - Funky Tonk
Toyah - Castaways (Live)
Sounds Of Modification - What Is This In The Mist
Childish Gambino - Me And Your Mama
Jerzy Grunwald I En Face - Za Wielka Brama
Air - Land Me
Bill Fay - Garden Song
Kenny Wheeler - 3-4 In The Afternoon
Nacho Crock - Desde Cero
Barcelona Traction - Estudi En Afro
Naked Truth - Tense Shaman
East New York Ensemble De Music - Bent El Jerusalem
Marcel Azolla - Marinala (Legendes De Finlande)
Larsen & Feiten Band - Sierra
Dixie Dregs - Good Intentions
Ex Ovo Pro - Don't Forget The Master
Jordan Rudess - It's A Mystery
Shankar - Paper Nut
Ars Nova - And How Am I To Know
Eugene Mcdaniels - Freedom Death Dance
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Ghost In The Rain (Feat Clutchy Hopkins & Chhom Nimol)
Dewa Budjana - Saniscara
John Jeff Touch - Time
Magical Ring - Fire Zone
Draemings - Golden Girl
Eazycon - In The Tradition
Roy Harper - All Us Children (So Sadly Far Apart)
Software - Winds Of Time
Magazine - The Operative
Bohren And Der Club Of Gore - Gore Motel
Augustus Pablo - Dread Eye
Sintesis - Variaciones Sobre Un Zapateo
Lush - Superblast
Robert Glasper Experiment - Tell Me A Bedtime Story
Hirono Mio - Fruits Of The Moon
Radio Romance - Etrange Affinite
Cousin Silas & Michael Bruckner - Inside The Complex
Morthem Vlade Art - Salem
Vivita And The Sufferings - I Know And Believe
Dread Zeppelin - Bring It On Home
I.O. - The Clan (Mongol Hordes)
Moon Duo - Ripples
Pili Coit - I Can Scream
Maryla Rodowicz - Piesn Ocalenia
Ujjaya - De Retour
Savage Republic - Assembly
Todd Rundgren - Cliche
Peter Sarstedt - Mary Jane
Outlaws - Song For You
Vokuro - Glassy Eyes
Mihaly Wulfen - Lament
Taylor Shift - Drive Her Out Of Your Mind
Robert Len Stallard - A New Beginning
Sasha Matson - Steel Chords II. Steel Songs
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Tides
Giorgio Moroder - Liebes
C-Jeff - A Thousand Bridges
Emerald Web - Lifeforce Celebration
Stanley Clarke - He Lives On (Story About The Last Journey Of A Warrior)
Q65 - And Your Kind
Carly Simon - Memorial Day
Cafe Jacques - Lifeline
Parliament - Oh Lord, Why Lord/prayer (Johann Pachelbel)
Sand Snowman - Samhain Rain - Arise
Hollywood Burn - Californian Nightmare
Ian Anderson - Looking For Eden
Modulo 1000 - Salve-Se Quem Puder
John Abercrombie - Timeless
Teradelie - Home Walls
Spin - T-Ford Two
L'ham De Foc - Lluna D'algeps
Bullet - Gentle In The Night
Wild Swans - Mythical Beast
Miles Davis - It's About That Time
Lost Radiance - Far Away
Road - Tuely's Day
Jeff Beck - The Pump
Dixie Dregs - Rock And Roll Park
Stoa - Autumn
Passions - Why Me
Guernica - Skating Rink
Anantakara - Unweave The Stars
Traffic - Coloured Rain [stereo]
Popol Vuh - Hore Der Du Wagst
Dai Kaht - Dai Koronenn
Oregon - Arianna
Gerson Conrad - Zeze Motta
Gordon Haskell - Upside Down
Ronney Abramson - Your Love Gets Me Around
Kristeen Young - (But It's All Just) Imagined
Kool & The Gang - Dujii (Live)
Missing Waves - Bassekilendo
Joachim Kuhn - Sunshine
James Bernard - Helix
Mort Garson - Ode To An African Violet
Maynard Parker - Bad Montana
Phantasmagory - Everlasting Change (Season's)