Skywave - Slow In Space
Steven Stapleton & Tony Wakeford - Lucifer Before Sunrise
Krew - Dream
Kak - Everything's Changing
Alejandro Villalon Renaud - Revelaciones
Half Church - Turmoil
Africa Express - City In Lights
Adrian Enescu - Syncopated Hard Rock
ISKC RadioActive - Discover New Rock Music
Trouble - Christmas Day's Evening
Gnuquartet - Stereotaxis
Calyer - Showers In The Vicinity
Los Junior Mafia - Kraut
Opium Eyes Of Nico - Drone In C 4
Zbigniew Seifert - City Of Spring
Phil Miller - Your Your # 2
Emtidi - Traume
Notre Dame - X-Masquerade
Farraday - Rock U (The Old Fashion Way)
Rumplestiltskin - Squadron Leader Johnson
Weight - I'm Sure We're Gonna Die
Bob Lanza Blues Band - Rush'n' The Blues
Arsen Dedic - Suncano Lice (Il Tuo Viso Del Sole)
Radio Romance - Etrange Affinite
Catherine Camara - The Search For Freedom
A.C.T. - Cat Eyes
Alan Trajan - Down River
Mike Patton And Jean-Claude Vannier - Hungry Ghost
Mario Tomic - Rain On River Way
Animals As Leaders - Physical Education
Zanov - Machine Desperation
Master's Hammer - Indianska Piseo Hruzy
Distance - Speech Of Angels
Frank Baker - Aquia
Hiromi Uehara - Warrior
Tajfuny - Stalowa Woda
Dixie Dregs - Calcutta
Phil Collins - Burn Down The Mission
In Gowan Ring - Dandelion
Ian Thomas Band - I Really Love You
Entrance - Lost In The Dark
Infinien - Existence
Steve Kilbey - Transaction
Grzegorz Skawinski - Joyeux Noel
Undone - Questions To Answers
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Blue Moanin'
H.a.a.s - The Voyage Of Captain Nirvana
Open Mind - Surrender
Tony Macalpine - Napoleon's Puppet
Bunalim - Bunalim
Wendy Carlos - Cosmological Impressions III I.C. (Intergalactic Communications)
Decoded Feedback - Deathcall
Patrick Wiklacz - Noel
Riviere De Corps - Echec Critique
The Mantle - Sisu
Thought Gang - Headless Chicken
Rush - Dog Years
Orion - Memoires Du Temps
Sami Jokinen - Datura
Bixo Da Seda - Sete De Ouro
Michael Sean O'connor - Psychic Intrusion
Sunkissed - House Full Of Time
Sergio Arturo Calonego - Dissonata
Melvins - The Kicking Machine
Elephant9 - Actionpack1
Joe Jackson - Last Movement
Tower Of Power - Soul Vaccination
Floyd Bridgewater - Darcy
Ultramarine - Djanea
Decoherence - Among The Stars
Iona - A'mhachair - The Plain
Tom Costello - 171
Markus Reuter - The Abolition Of Death
Parliament - Oh Lord, Why Lord/prayer (Johann Pachelbel)
Tubes - Up From The Deep
Cyberia Organica - Infernia
Cure - Cold
Arcane - Gather Darkness
Franco Battiato - Voglio Vederti Danzare
Black Sabbath - Buried Alive
M.F.S.B. - Mysteries Of The World
Blue Cheer - Peace Of Mind
Fela Ransome Kuti And The Africa '70 With Ginger Baker - Ye Ye De Smell
Teradelie - Ouverture (Suite "clair-Obscur)
Grace Slick & The Great Society - Didn't Think So
Journey - Suzanne
Mike Hafliger - Om Nama Shivaja (Mike's Project Formation)
Cosmic Remedy - Welcome To The Peppeland Lounge
Vytas Brenner - Morrocoy
Major Leagues - Good Love
David Arkenstone - Stepping Stars
Chicago - So Much To Say, So Much To Give
Space Art - Convoi
Gwendal - Irish Jig
Esben And The Witch - A Desire For Light
Sisterhood Of Klangpedal - Bjdslsp
Mandrill - Peace And Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement Ii (Now)
Lola V Stain - Zimski Kaput
Colin Tench Project - The Sad Brazilian
Human Host - Vision Drug
Terreno Baldio - Despertar
Messengers - Colony
Mama Gumbo - Flamingo Jazz Monster
Acke Hallgren - Bronze Apathy
Herbert Joos - Why
Percy Jones, Scott Mcgill & Ritchie Decarlo - Yo Cath!
Dame Satan - Oregon Trail
Christine Owman - When On Fire (Feat. Mark Lanegan)
Modern Eon - Waiting For The Cavalry
Wadada Leo Smith - Yellowstone
Eclipse - Daydreaming
Iosonouncane - Tanca
Corvus Stone - Joukahainen Without Chips
La2019 - Airport Carpark
Geoffrey Oryema - Makambo
Cry Of Dawn - Tell It To My Heart
Flaming Youth - Pulsar
Silent Scenery - Tale Of A Wooden Door
Big Sleep - Saint & Sceptic
Bunchakeze - Whose Dream
Konstantin Zeda - Veronika
Kevin Braheny - Starflight 4
A.C.T. - Piece Of Meat
Spiritual Beggars - Picking From The Box
Strength Through Joy - Rosin Dubh
Mesjasz - Signal To Noise Ratio
T Lavitz - So Close
Man Mountain - Lucerna
Motoi Sakuraba - Nameless King
Chris Antblad - J Cat Band
Lord Weird Slough Feg - Highway Corsair
Andy Rock - Promises
Hepl Yourself - Eddie Waring (Live)
Blast - Welter
Steve Lukather - Darkest Night Of The Year
Jartse Tuominen & Friends - Tuho (Tabula Rasa Cover)
Nahja Mora - Inside Out
Alien Gun - Softly Turn Away
Ronny Heimdal - Waltz
Michelle Young - Dancing On The Head Of A Pin
Brazilian Octopus - Summerhill
Gene Russell - Blues Suite
Dead - Dark Matter Noise
Ujjaya - Vel Murugan
Kenny Wheeler - Deer Wan
Doug Aldrich - Trudge
Ava Cherry And The Astronettes - I Am A Laser
Missouri Dirt - Christmas Blues
Eberhard Weber - The Colours Of Chloe
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - A New Rock & Roll
Slowmotion - Srogie Piguly
Modest Midget - Buy Me!
Freak Kitchen - Ranks Of The Terrified
Trader Horne - In My Loneliness
Good Nightowl - Charring Zards
Tortoise - Along The Banks Of Rivers