Less Is Lessie - 20 20
Arthur Verocai - Pelas Sombras
Rodolphe Lauretta - Smokin' Wid Lord Quas
Russell Mills & Undark - Shed Lustre (Feat. Ali Foster)
Crossworlds - Evening "birth Of Silver" [side: Day]
Pharoah Sanders - Astral Traveling
Psychedelic Sun's - Ode
Kohelet - Oh Brother
Strangelove - Quiet Day
Candle Wishes - Unbroken Code
Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires
Teradelie - The Gift Of Love
Doves - Flying Bird
Dixie Dregs - Good Intentions
Shpongle - Shpongle Falls
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Tides
Fantastic Four - Let This Moment Last Forever
John Mclaughlin - Sakhi
Akwassa - I Don't Want Nobody (To Tell Me What To Do)
Xymox - Seventh Time (Demo '84)
Public Relations - Public Relations
Linda Di Franco - Incredible Close
Medusa - Mr. C.T.
Apart - My Silence
Curtis Mayfield - Mighty Mighty (Spade And Whitey) (Live 1971)
Rato Venance - True Love
Diane Cluck - Trophies
K A R Y Y N - Binary
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - I'll Play The Fool
Riki - Spirit Of Love
Liquid Liquid - Optimo
Grace Jones - Hurricane
Upward Arrows - Circumflex Circumflex
Rebop Kwaku Baah - Ballet Mix- Payapam-Balakatimo-Melodies In A Jungle Mans Head-Hotline
Julee Cruise - Until The End Of The World
Caravela - Gala Galactica
Tangerine Dream - Puer Natus Est Nobis (Gloria) (T. Tallis, Arranged By E. Froese)
Silver Shadows - Faultlines
Starburst Galaxy - Alcor And Myzar I
Ex Wise Heads (Colin Edwin, Geoff Leigh & Jaws Harp) - Up Streaming
Nabil Baly - Iherir
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Cosmic Funk
Remember Your Name - The Blind Wander At Night
Glaxo Babies - There'll Be No Room For You In The Shelter
Eclipse - Somewhere To Something
Harry Mosco - Country Dub
Balmorhea - Lament
Michael Bruckner - Back To Where You Started
Wizard's Convention - Part I, II, III (Feat. Glenn Hugues)
Radio For The Daydreamers - Prog Jazz (All Musicians Are Freaks)
Ken Field - Inside
B. W. Stevenson - Remember Me
Dieselhed - Wipe Down The Vinyl
Kamaal Williams - Save Me
Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou - Idavi
Randy Coven - Funk Me Tender
K I D B E K I D - A Room To Dance
Andres Guazzelli - Disorder
Kilmarth - Nanikuli
Teradelie - Drive Your Car
Akahandsdown - Twin Turbo 2.0
Art Lande & Jan Garbarek - Cherifen Dream Of Renate
Phillip Upchurch - You've Got A Friend
Human Switchboard - In My Room
Tarney & Spencer Band - Live Again
Dale Bozzio & Missing Persons - All Fall Down (Live)
Khruangbin - Father Bird, Mother Bird
Oddsfiche - The Outset Of Dusk
Ruby Jones - Looking Out At Tomorrow
Land Of The Loops - Burning Clutch (Five-Speed Dub)
Antethic - Fragments
Guy Hatton - Daylight's Dauphin
Mc Broom Sisters - Cocoon
Sten Erland Hermundstad - Saw
Juan Carlos Calderon - Resaca
Dj Soulviet - Remixed Theme From 'put K Medalyam' (1980)
This Social Coil - Deep Inside
Dixie Dregs - The Bash (Live)
A Sickness Unto Death - Alright
Wha-Ha-Ha - Nojari
Corde Oblique - La Gente Che Resta
Mama Lion - Mr. Invitation
Eleni Karaindrou - The Dark Secret
Hopf - They Better Run
Ingrid Lukas - Water (from "Demimonde")
Hattler - Do It
Let's Boogaloo - Spacing Out
Soft Machine - Pigling Bland (Soft Machine From)
Harald Lassen - How It Feels Pt. 2
Mojave - Tomorrow's Taken
Flesh Fetish - Dance Of The Tongue
Digitonal - After The First Death
Comet Is Coming - New Age
Mazzy Star - Bells Ring (Acoustic Version)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Horology
Javier Limon - Promesas De Tierra
Undone - Threshold
Siekiera - Czerwony Pejzaz
Dahlia Sleeps - Interlude (Loving You Still)
Andrea Schroeder - Burden
Iona - Light Reflected
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass - Mr. Clean
Roger Fakhr - Lady Rain
Rettward Von Doernberg - Stay A While
Tangerine Dream - The Letter (Parts 1 & 2)
Apse - The Age
Tommy Korberg & Stefan Nilsson - Det Gar Ett Sladspar Genom Sommaren
Robes Of Snow - Rain's Garden In The Eye Of The Sun
Pierre Lapointe - Un Coeur
Monica Rypma - Hey, Where You Goin
Drakkar Nowhere - Higher Now
Zomby Woof - Riding On A Tear
Doll By Doll - Hey Sweetheart
Albert Alan Owen - Mysteries III
Peter Gabriel - Keine Selbstkontrolle
Malaria - Macht (Power)
Mandrill - Mandrill
Beyond Dawn - As The Evening Falters, The Dogs Howl
Caoilfhionn Rose - Fireflies
Serge Gainsbourg - Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde
Teddy Charles Tentet - Vibrations
Hardscore - Cod
Ali Neander Feat. Hellmut Hattler - Seventh Sense
Ofra Haza - Galbi
Low and Spring Heel Jack - Bombscare
Tuxedomoon - The Train
Freddie Mercury - Time (Nile Rodgers Remix 1992)
Steve Morse - Highland Wedding
John Marcell & Teradelie - Les Etoiles
Kevin Gilbert - Goodness Gracious
Catherine Camara - Dream Scape
Rendezvous Point - Resurrection
Astrud Gilberto - Didn't We
Woodkid - Reactor
Roman Maciejewski - Requiem Missa Pro Defunctis Introitus I Requiem Aeternam
October Project - Bury My Lovely
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi
Oz Noy - Five Spot Blues (Feat. Joe Bonamassa)
Afrosound - Cabeza De Chorlito
Dixie Dregs - Vitamin Q
Tortoise - Along The Banks Of Rivers
Archaic Earth - Vellamo's Song
Eddie Hazel - Purple Hazel
Steve Morse Band - Point Counterpoint
A Gardening Club Project - Going North
Passage - A Certain Way To Go
Eddie Gale - The Coming Of Gwilu
Diane Tell - Mon Métier
Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio - For You The Night Is Still
Tom Ze - Nave Maria
Residuos Mentales - On The Borderline
Kevin Braheny - Down To Earth
Vladimir Cosma - Promenade Sentimentale
Angelo Noce Santoro - Land Of The Pharao
Michel Herr, Bill Frisell, Vinton Johnson, Kermit Driscoll - Acapulco Bells
Luiz Oliveira - Blues Pra Nega
Iona - Temptation
Dot And Then Dot - Bright New Sun
Phil Miller - Half Life
Raul De Souza - Dr. Honoris Causa
Oscillation - Luminous Being
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset - Felton Lonnin
Barbara Mauritz - Lamb - River Boulevard
Still Life Replica - Inverse, Ocean
Linda Lewis - Guffer
Sky - March To The Scaffold (Hector Berlioz)
Night Wars - Hands, Tied
Afrirampo - Egolo Island