Arena - Twenty-One Grams
Legacy Pilots - Exploring My Dna Third Impression
Victor Go - Headwaters
Echo Us - Under The Smallest Sky
Biffy Clyro - A Hunger In Your Haunt
Future Radio - Something To Believe
Millenium - Second Earth
Tribe Of Names - They Live To Cry
Tyler Kamen - Same Old Song
Marcin Pajak - Sunrise
Secret Sky - Opium
Nothing In Writing - Still Believe
Voice Among The Many - White Palace
Esthesis - The Awakening
Nine Skies - The Haunted (Feat. Charlie Bramald)
John Greenwood - Requiem
Spell - The Watching
Flamborough Head - Jumping The Milestone
Evership - Coronation
Blackwater Fever - The Boogie Woogie
Devin Townsend - Call Of The Void
Royal Hunt - Live Another Day
Franck Carducci & Mary Reynaud - Slave To Rock 'n' Roll
Flower Kings - Peacock On Parade
Soen - Fortress
Edward Reekers - Turn To Us, Learn From Us Feat. Mark Lennon