Kayak - A Writer's Tale
RPWL - A Cold Spring Day In 22
Machiavel - Drop The Mask
Steve Vai - Teeth Of The Hydra
Blackfield - It's So Hard
ISKC Rock Radio RPO - Recent Prog Only
Knight Area - The Enemy Within
Echo Us - If You Can Imagine
Suburban Savages - Under Mirrored Skies
Lifesigns - Altitude
Kristoffer Gildenlow - Eternal & Holy Ground
We Came From Space - Empty Space
Anubis Gate - Aggressive Perfector (Slayer Cover)
Glasgow Coma Scale - One Must Fall
Evership - Allthetime
Lalu - Witness To The World
Jump - The Parade
Kaipa - The Frozen Dead Of The Night
Nad Sylvan - The Stolen Child
Peter Gee - Pilgrim Lays Down His Burden At The Cross
Giant - I Walk Alone
Phideaux - Thank You For The Evil (Live Rough Mix)
Blackwater Fever - The Hurt
Katatonia - Old Heart Falls
Jethro Tull - Mine Is The Mountain
Pattern-Seeking Animals - Just Another Day At The Beach
Steve Howe - Space Void
Naryan - Now You're Gone, IV & Black Swan
Good NightOwl - Flying
Matterhorn - Outside
Solstice - Run
Pain Of Salvation - Fur
Franck Carducci & Mary Reynaud - Alice's Eerie Dream
Legacy Pilots - An Adventurous Journey
Castanarc - Full Circle
Smalltape - Where We Belong
Lazuli - L'homme Volant
Damanek - Reflections On Copper
Maciej Meller - Frozen
Echo Rhythm - 100 Years
John 5 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Downes Braide Association - King Of The Sunset
Haken - Sempiternal Beings
Blacksmith Tales - Chapter LXIV & Possessed By Time
Echoes And Signals - Dust
Curtain Falls - Lost Innocence
Custard Flux - I Feed The Fire
Vola - 24 Light-Years