Black Mountain - Mary Lou
Sebas Honing - All You Are
Fleetwood Mac - Say You Will
Styx - Boat On The River
Resistor - Fair To Say
Ebony Tower - The Labyrinth
Abarax - Life
7 Miles To Pittsburgh - If All Else Fails
Synaesthesia - Epiphany
Gazpacho - Know Your Time
Carptree - Celestial Sky
Serenes - Green Blades Risin'
Toehider - Died of Dancing
Caligula's Horse - Dream The Dead
Custard Flux - Tiger Reprise
Coburg - Thy Dagger
Agua De Annique - Beautiful One
Zip Tang - Under The Viaduct
UFO - Too Rolling Stoned
Deftones - Night Boat
Mostly Autumn - Shrinking Violet
Thematic - The Open Arms Of Grace
Votum - Numb
Downes Braide Association - Angel on Your Shoulder
Saga - Back To The Shadows
Golden Earring - Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman (Live)
N.Ex.U.S. - John Doe
Anasazi - Something Happened
Manchester Orchestra - The Sunshine
Steve Hogarth - Nothing To Declare
Gathering - Adrenaline
Knight Area - Mortal Brow
Artificial Language - The Wild Haunt
Toehider - How Much For That Dragon Tooth
Pain Of Salvation - Disco Queen
RPWL - Welcome To The Freak Show
Kings Of Moonshine - Outcast
At Night I Fly - The Pit
Elysian Fields - Epic Of Etana
Brother ape - Dont Stand At My Grave And Cry
Vertigo - I Wanna Live Forever
Shadow Gallery - Encrypted
Anubis - These Changing Seasons I
Sudlers's Row - Frantic Empire
Kingcrow - Every Broken Piece Of Me
Simple Minds - Big Sleep
Yes - Dangerous
Pink Floyd - Ibiza Bar
Beyond The Event Horizon - Deep
Heart - Johnny Moon
Threshold - That's Why We Came
PBII - Evil Weed
Porcupine Tree - Smiling Not Smiling
Riverside - Ultimate Trip
Eagles - Hole In The World
Three Days Grace - Pain
Toehider - The Ultimate Exalter
IZZ - Start Again
Church - Undersea
Magenta - Broken (Live)
Trikes - Forgotten Sins
Fish - C Song (The Trondheim Waltz)
Asia - Bury Me In Willow
Leprous - Malina
Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers
Hasse Froberg Musical Companion - Never Alone
Legacy Pilots - Innocent
Miramar - Tonight
Fossil Evolution - Next Time
Sound - Judgment
Ayreon - The Lighthouse
Silhouette - In Solitary
Aurora Project - Warmongers
Steve Hackett - Til These Eyes
Symphony X - Without You
Revere - Take Cover
Rick Wakeman - Slaveman
Toehider - He's There?And Then He Does THAT
Moon Safari - Lover's End
Black Mountain - Tyrants
Dream Theater - Disappear
City Of The Lost - In The Depth Of Mire
Kamelot - Abandonded
Edensong - Down The Hours
Blackfield - Go To Hell
Supersister - Radio
Moonrise - I Call My Soul
Ben Craven - Spy In The Sky Part 2
Savatage - Follow Me