Doors - Tell All The People
Bomber Goggles - Renewed World
Golden Earring - N.E.W.S.
Sebas Honing - Bandwagon
Opeth - Hope Leaves
Michal Lapaj - Shattered Memories
Fischer-Z - Count To Ten
Yesterday And Today A 50th Anniversary To Yes - Yesterday And Today (Feat. Dr. Danny)
Athlete - The Unknown
Alquin - Love = A Little Thing
Spock's Beard - Devil's Got My Throat
Guy Hatton - Daylight's Dauphin
Future Elephants - And The Mountains Kissed The Sky
Mystery - Come To Me
Glass Hammer - A Grain Of Sand
Pendragon - Come Home Jack
Trigion - Fata Morgana
Galaad - Merci (Pur)
Greta Van Fleet - Broken Bells
Lazuli - Les Malveillants
RVH Project - Living On The Edge
Brother Ape - Lunatic Kingdom
Kristoffer Gildenlow - Beautiful Decay
Pulp - Last Day Of The Miner's Strike
Matterhorn - Oceana
Downes Braide Association - Heart Shaped Hole
Edison's Children - A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)
Editors - An End Has A Start
Iamthemorning - Six Feet
Royal Hunt - Scream Of Anger
Alchemy - End Of The Line
Raw Felder - Town
Ihsahn - Manhattan Skyline
John Greenwood - A Proper Song
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Closer To The Sun
Magnum - Immigrant Song
Colouratura - Side Hustle
Built For The Future - Diaspora
Anubis - All That Is
Thematic - Universe Bloom
Oceansize - Unravel
Frontal Cortex - Blurred Line
Isildurs Bane, Jinian Wilde - Sailing Home
God Is An Astronaut - Fade
Lee Abraham - The Sun & Numb, Pt. 2
Yogi Lang - Freedom Of The Day
Rush - Open Secrets
Helga - Water
Long Distance Calling - Middleville
Evergrey - Run
Kayak - Red Rag To A Bull
Gazpacho - Hypomania
Hey Jester - Hey & Sickly Sweet
Pallas - The Nine
Pattern Seeking Animals - The Man Made Of Stone
Producers - Garden Of Flowers
Saga - Careful Where You Step
Lesoir - Two Faces
Neal Morse - Venture In Black
IZZ - Sincerest Life
Grant - Body Electric
Alternative 4 - Lifeline
Blind Ego - Never Escape The Storm
Steve Hackett - Taking You Down
Argos - Elsewhere
Supersister Project - I Am You Are Me - Transmitter
Alan Parsons Project - In The Real World
Moonrise - The Lights Of A Distant Bay
FACS - Class Spectre
Fish On Friday - Black Rain