Red Jasper - Bread And Circus
Frequency Drift - Who's Master
Riverside - Goodbye Sweet Innocence
Porcupine Tree - Buying New Soul
Drifting Sun - Summer Skies
Feather Mountain - Balance Act
Tool - Culling Voices
Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow
Vangelis - Heaven And Hell, Part I
Paradigm Shift - Reunification
Nth Ascension - Kingdom Keys
Mike Oldfield - Taurus 1 (Live)
RAK - Volume IV: The Deception, Chapter Nine
Emerald Dawn - Shadow In Light
King Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King
Dream Theater - Lines In The Sand
Headspace - Secular Soul
Magic Pie - Change
Wobbler - Merry Macabre
Devin Townsend - Sprite & Hear Me
Lebowski - The Doosan Way
Avandra - The Narrowing Of Meaning (Feat. Richard Henshall)
Need - Norchestrion
Wolverine - Nemesis
Egg - Enneagram
Opeth - In Mist She Was Standing
Jadis - Holding Your Breath (Live)
Soft Machine - Slightly All The Time
SBB - Last Man At The Station
Moon Safari - Sugar Band
Steven Wilson - Don't Hate Me
RPWL - Gentle Art Of Swimming
Steve Unruh - Two Little Awakenings
Salander - Pearls Upon A Crown
Grobschnitt - Solar Music, Part 1
Light In The Ocean - Hamilton Big Boys
Mobius - U & Mukti
Not A Good Sign - Trapped In
Pure Reason Revolution - Eupnea
Finch - Beyond The Bizarre
Pineapple Thief - Different World
Galahad - Sleepers (Live)
Corvus Stone - Cinema
Marathon - Amelia (I) Shoreline
Thomas Konder - A Step A Day
Dave Kerzner - Prelude & Hypocrites
Oxxo Xoox - Kobol(D)
Gift - All These Things
United Progressive Fraternity - Travelling Man (The Story Of Eshu)
Methodica - Caged
IQ - Nostalgia & Falling Apart At The Seams
Walfad - Leaves
Eloy - Chinon
Days Between Stations - Giants
Suspyre - The Man Made Of Stone
Kansas - Magnum Opus (Live)