Hasse Froberg Musical Companion - Parallel Life
Focus - Answers Questions Questions Answers
Ulysses - Happiness
Kerrs Pink - Earth To Earth
Chris - Eve Of Destiny
David Gilmour - High Hopes (Live) 1
Bad Salad - Nemesis
Wolverine - The Bedlam Overture
T - What If Not
Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn (Part 1)
Porcupine Tree - Flicker
Grobschnitt - Golden Mist (Live)
Dream The Electric Sleep - How Long We Wait
Sense - Aftermath
Fates Warning - Epitaph
RPWL - World Through My Eyes
Eternal Wanderers - So Far And So Near
While Heaven Wept - Icarus & Iardor
Tangent - Follow Your Leaders
This Winter Machine - The Man Who Never Was
Prospekt - Where Masters Fall
Elora - L'espoir
Gift - Changeling
Joe Jackson - First Movement
Discipline - The Body Yearns
Seti - A Draconian Tale
Guns N' Roses - Coma
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
Big Big Train - London Plane
Unitopia - The Outsider
Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin & Rick Wakeman - Heart Of The Sunrise (Live)
Reversal Symmetry - Henry's Choice
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Vulkan - Klagans Snara & Rekviem
IQ - The Seventh House
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Pain Of Salvation - The Passing Light Of Day
Threshold - Sanity's End (Live)
Jethro Tull - Dark Ages
Symphony X - When All Is Lost
Birth Control - Gamma Ray
Mars Volta - L' Via L'viaquez
Rosenkreutz - The Collector
Tyler Kamen - Dawning Of Eternal Summer
Storm Corrosion - Drag Ropes
Seven Steps To The Green Door - The Green Door