3RDegree - Click Away
Pink Floyd - Sheep
Chris - Eve Of Destiny
Maglev - Song Of A Dead Bard
Eloy - Mutiny
Unkh - Warp
Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge
SBB - Last Man At The Station
Yes - The Revealing Science Of God: Dance Of The Dawn
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - Quartet
Also Eden - 1949
Wolfspring - Our New Mediaevil World
Aldenfield - All Is Lost With Yesterday
Marillion - Fugazi (Live)
Discipline - Wrists
Glass Hammer - No Man's Land Live (Live)
Big Big Train - A Mead Hall In Winter
Soft Machine - Slightly All The Time
Karnataka - Secrets Of Angels
Sylvan - Pane Of Truth
Twelfth Night - The Collector (Sam)
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Beardfish - Destined Solitaire
Camel - A Nod And A Wink
Anima Mundi - Flying To The Sun
Arena - The Butterfly Man (Live)
T - A Mask Behind A Mask
Cryptic Vision - Moments Of Clarity
Day Six - Modern Solitude
Samurai Of Prog - The Perfect Black
Flower Kings - I Am The Sun, Pt. 1
Dream Theater - Blind Faith
Haken - Pareidolia
Opeth - Advent
Bjorn Riis - Out Of Reach
Introitus - The Hand That Feeds You
Karmakanic - Higher Ground
Wobbler - In Orbit
Eternal - The Wound
Peter Banks Ft. Jan Akkerman - Stop That
Kaipa - Like A Serpentine
IQ - Fallout
Threshold - The Art Of Reason
Mystery - Shadow Of The Lake
Neil Young - She Showed Me Love
Black Sabbath - Meglomania
Circle Of Illusion - Nightmare